Friday, December 6, 2013

Five for Friday- Snow Day Edition!
Finally making time to write a new blog post! I guess I was just waiting for a snow day!! :)
Yay! I, like many of you probably, LOVE a snow day! We get a lot of them in my district because we have a lot of back country roads! It doesn't take much to make them unsafe. However, most all districts around the Cincinnati area are closed today due to this ice/ snow mix that we have coming our way. My enthusiasm will dwindle when the snow days start to stack up, and they start to cut into my summer vacation. But until then, bring it on!! :)
2. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!
It's coming- so quickly!! We're getting into the holiday spirit in my classroom!  I found this adorable FREEBIE Elf Craftivity at Mrs. Ricca's TpT store. We had fun applying for a job as an elf!

3. School wide Christmas Spirit!
My school is also having a classroom door decorating contest. I found this cute idea on Pinterest- and it was super easy! I love it, as do my kindergarteners!!!
4. Addition
We have really been working on our addition facts to 10. Here is a fun little way my kiddos have been working on mastering those facts! It's a pipe cleaner with 10 beads on it. I then put a piece of tape in the middle and wrote the number "10" on it. They can move the beads to each side and easily see the many ways to make 10! We take them out and tell a partner a few ways to make 10 from time to time. 
Here they are working on facts to 5. They had a cup with 5 red/yellow counters. They simply dumped their cup, and wrote a number sentence to show the number of each color counter they had. We also do this with 10 counters. 
5. Checking out my pilot husband's "office"
Since my husband Henry has been flying for a private charter company, we haven't been able to check out what it's like inside one of the fancy jets.. until this week! The plane he would be flying was actually at an airport close to our home, so we were able to go see inside! They hold 8 people comfortably. He has flown a few celebrities such as Paula Dean, Kelly Clarkson, Aaron Rodgers, and Kelly Ripa among others... Who he flies doesn't usually get to me, it's when he's flying them to the Bahamas or other Caribbean islands that I get a little bit jealous :P

I hope you all have a lovely week. If you too are at home enjoying a snow day- leave me a comment and let me know where you are! This snow storm looks like impacting a lot of the country!