Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Teacher.. Summertime version :)

One of my summer days...  Here goes!!







 I hope you all are enjoying your summer days!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Five for Friday time.. a day late :)

I hope everyone out there has enjoyed their week!! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs again for Five for Friday... Sorry it's a day late!!

1. My husband is home! :)
So.. I don't think I have mentioned this yet, but my husband Henry is a pilot. His schedule is crazy, so when he gets home from a trip, I can breath a sigh of relief and relax a little more. (This is probably why my Five for Friday has gotten pushed back to today)

2. Goodbye Ugly benches and rocks

My husband has been home a couple of days, so it's about time that I put him to work, right? :) Last night we celebrated Fathers Day for him and my dad, and then came home and did a little improvement to the front of our house! When we moved, there were these ugly benches and a weird rock circle in the flower bed. Last night I just wanted him to keep me company (haha) while I got rid of the rocks, and just planted 3 shrubs to sort of balance this side of the house with the other side. I shoveled and dug up all of the unwanted rock- but my amazing husband ended up hauling them away for me... On a Friday night- after his Fathers Day dinner.... Did I mention that I love him? 

3. Trying to get back in shape
 I'm trying to get back in shape.. I used to be in pretty good shape, I like to think, before we had Amelia 11 months ago.. Since we had her, I cancelled my gym membership and have not used this jogging stroller as much as I planned to. So this summer I have really been trying to walk/run more.. Here is my view on our walk this week :)
4. Student of the Week
Finished my Student of the Week Pack! I'm super excited to use this.. I hope you will check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store
5. Starbucks
 Love my Starbucks.. it was definitely a necessity this week as I made my way BACK to school to tell my wonderful custodians where to put my furniture in my classroom.. sigh.. slow down summer!!!
I hope you will check out what other teachers were up to this week!!! :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sloooow Down Summer!

Although it isn't even offically the season of summer yet- we're already half way through June! Today I went to school today to show our custodians where I wanted them to put everything BACK in my classroom. I am very happy and thankful that they are already finished cleaning my room- so I can take my time to get it back together before August hits and I am in full "Back to School" mode, but... I just took my room apart! The fact that all of the furniture is already put back means I'm one step closer to summer break being over.. already! What are some of your plans for the summer? Vacations? Things you want to change in your classroom? I would love to know what all of my followers are working on!!  I have lots of plans for changes in my classroom and getting my Teachers Pay Teachers Store up and in full swing... I guess I need to get my act together and really start working on them!! Hope you all are having a relaxing or productive summer- whatever you are choosing to make it :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already! The weeks fly by when it's summer time! Here are my 5 fun things for the week..

1.Chevron Inspired Classroom
 I finished my Chevron Calendar pack! I really haven't made a drastic change in my classroom decor in a few years.. I seem to rearrange my furniture often, but I decided that this year I really want an update.. So here is the start.. I'm going chevron!  It is also the largest item I've created for Teachers Pay Teachers this far.. Check it out- I hope you like it! I plan to add other chevron inspired items to go along with them- so check back often!

2. My crazy dog Maddie
Last week I had a request from one of my sweet followers for a picture of Maddie.. So here ya go! Maddie is very tolerant of our 11 month old Amelia.. The other day I turned around to see this.. I'm not sure if Amelia was practicing "sharing" with Maddie, or just throwing the pieces of plastic egg at her.. either way, Maddie puts up with it! haha
As much as I love this dog... She definitely has her moments.. Her latest fascination is venturing under our deck, which is only high enough off the ground for her to squeeze under and only has one open side. She is driving me crazy with it. I have no idea what exactly is under it, and I probably don't really want to know.. But daily, this is what I have to deal with.. ick! .. Suggestions on how to keep her from going under?! geesh.. :)
3. First Teachers Pay Teachers Payment!
Today was very exciting for me. It was my first time to be paid by Teachers Pay Teachers!! It wasn't much, but it was enough to get me excited about this whole creating and selling thing. I have a lot to learn, but I'm enjoying it and apparently there are a few other people who like what I'm making too! It's nice to make a little extra money, but I'm excited to be helping other teachers as well! If you haven't checked out my store I hope you will become my newest follower on TpT! :)
4. My Owl
My owl? Did I get your attention? Yes, I have an owl. haha.. It's a fake owl that I'm hoping will scare the birds away who are currently using my deck as their own personal bathroom. I told you last week that I was trying to work on my "green thumb" with my flowers.. Well I have my flowers out, and my deck furniture, and it's starting to look like a nice place to relax... until you look around and see all of the bird poop! It's ridiculous! I spray it off, and it's covered by the next day. Blah! Well, my parents actuallly had the same problem a few years ago. They were told to sit plastic owls on their deck to scare the birds away- and it worked! So, I've borrowed one of their owls, yes, the other one still is sitting on their deck.. in an attempt to get rid of the bird poop! What do you think? He is kinda scary looking!

and check out those flowers in the background- 1 week later- still very alive :)

5. Blessed
Today was the perfect summer day. It was only around 80 degrees, there was a breeze, and my daughter was an angel at the pool. I came home, put Amelia down for her nap, and came outside on our deck, and saw this...

I'm very blessed to have a nice house, in a nice neighborhood and to be able to enjoy sweet summertime at home with my daughter :)
I hope your week has been wonderful, and you'll check out what other teachers have been up to this week!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Five For Friday

I'm excited to do my first "Five for Friday" today! Listing 5 positive, fun things that have happened to me over the past week sounds like a fantastic idea.. So here goes!

1.My Blog
I am still so happy and pleased with the way my blog turned out.  My friend Jessica at Second Grade Nest is who encouraged me to start my Teachers Pay Teachers Store as well as to start blogging. She has a beautiful blog and told me how amazing Christi Fultz at Ms. Fultz's Corner is at blog design. She helped me turn my idea into a gorgeous blog and completely knew what I wanted when I said I wanted to include strawberries, but definitely not make it cheesy. In my opinion, it's perfect! I'm also up to 9 followers, (which is 9 more than I had before Christi worked her magic) :)
2. The Amazing Teacher Bloggers

Since my blog has been transformed, I have been introduced to other teacher bloggers. This is so amazing, because I am already learning so much from them! I have also been included in some giveaways that they are doing. For example,  my friend Jessica at Second Grade Nest is doing a giveaway for her one year blog anniversary, and she asked me to donate a product. I was so excited for her, and honored that she would include me in this. Check it out, and maybe you will win one of the amazing products!
I was also excited to be included in another blogger-  Christina Bainbridge's giveaway! Hers will go live Monday at 9:00 am.. Be sure to check it out!!
In both giveaways, you could win my product:
Good Luck!!!
3. Sweet Summer Time
Ahh... This has been my first full week of summer break! I have been able to introduce my 10 month old- Amelia to a pool, and she loved it! Before this, she had only been in a small blow up pool. I was so glad she enjoyed the water! I grew up spending my summers at the community pool, and I hope she does the same- because guess what? This mom still enjoys her summer pool time!
4. Birthday Planning
My baby is getting close to the big 1 year, which is crazy, because I can't even wrap my head around where the time has gone! However, one benefit of her having a summer birthday is that I have a little more free time, AND have cute fonts and backgrounds from creating things for TpT. :)
(Background from Sassy Designs, Frame from The Enlightened Elephant)
So this week I have really been trying to get everything in order as far as food and decorations... I actually had the idea for her first birthday before I decided on Berry Sweet Teaching Treats as the name of my blog! Here is a picture of part of the birthday banner I have created. I think if I cut out the letters, put them on cardstock, hole punch the each card on both sides and tie the letters together with a ribbon, it will be very cute! What do you think???

5. Trying to Have a Green Thumb
I love flowers, and my mom always has such gorgeous flowers on their deck. I however, have a history of just killing them. Having recently moved, I really want our new home to look it's best, and I decided that our deck really needs some flowers... So tonight, with the help of my mom, I planted these flower boxes to hang on the railing of our deck. Say a little prayer that I keep them alive :)
Be sure to check out Doodle Bugs for what other teachers have been up to this week!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Relaxing Summer?

Is anyone out there having a "relaxing" start to their summer? Ha! I'm pretty sure my little girl wants to do anything BUT relax. She definitely keeps me on my toes, and I want to keep her involved in as many activities with other kids her age as I can. I love that I get to stay home with her this summer, but I am worried that since I don't have many friends with kids her age, she will have a difficult time adjusting when it's time for me to go back to school, and for her to go back to the babysitter. In an effort to avoid this, we checked out "Baby Time" at our local library today! The Boone County Library holds this event weekly so we decided to try it out!

During "Baby Time" we sang songs, read books, and just played and interacted with about 12 other babies who were right around Amelia's age. She LOVED it! We will definitely be checking it out again next week!

Since I'm sure I'm not the only parent who wants their kiddo to stay busy this summer, I decided that I really needed to finish the June and July calendar activities I had started. I know we are already into June, so feel free to skip or add these activities to another day. But hopefully this FREEBIE will help some kiddos stay busy and keep thinking about the things they learned in school this year. I created these thinking of my kinders going into first grade, but it could probably be used or adapted for students going into second grade. I hope it helps you out!!!