Saturday, February 1, 2014

Currently February

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Anyone else LOVE getting everything ready for the following week before they leave school on Friday? I'm not a big fan of staying after school, so I usually bring it all home on Thursday and work after my daughter goes to bed.. I'm so glad to have lesson plans ready AND actually feel like I'm starting to be caught up from all my snow days!

Thinking that I have had enough snow days.. 12 is a LOT.. Probably losing the first 3 days of my spring break.. boo... and we're now getting out June 3... I KNOW the end of the year is going to be tough.. but geezal- 4 days this week was a lot to ask! I think we need to ease back in to this working 5 days straight thing! :)

2 Truths and a Fib-
My parents' anniversary IS on Valentine's Day... Sweet right?
My anniversary is NOT! My mom is a teacher too, so I have no idea what she was thinking... haha.. Summer weddings are much more teacher vacation friendly! Agree? My husband and I picked one of the hottest days of 2010. July 16 :)
I married a younger man. Yep. Sure did.. Henry is younger than me by a whopping 26 days..hehe.. I'm just glad we finally got to January 26. Being 30 while he was still 29 was not something I liked to admit! hehe!


  1. Hi Heather. I found you through Currently Linky Party. Your blog is absolutely adorable!!! Seriously so cute. I wish we had a Starbucks around here to drive to. Well, actually, I don't, I'd be broke. LOL! Glad you are all caught up on school work. I so wish I was. Enjoy your weekend!

    A Classroom Full of Smiles

    1. Oh my goodness... Where do you live that you don't have a nearby Starbucks?! I'll have to check out your blog.. I seriously pass 3 on my way to work each day.. They are everywhere!

  2. Ha ha! Almost every teacher I know has a summer wedding too! Mine is in August! We had one snow day this week and a Thursday P.A. day. Isn't that crazy? Enjoy your well-deserved weekend.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. 12 snow days! Oh my goodness, are you guys going to have to make all those up? We've only had 2 and I know how much it's pushed our schedules back-how do you do it? I also think your blog is just adorable! :)


    1. Yes.. we're making them ALL up... sigh.. They plan our school year to be over early in May- because we plan to tack on all the snow days... but this year is going to be exceptionally long, unfortunately...

  4. Your morning sound slmilar to mine. I love quiet mornings when my little guy is sleeping so I can just catch up on things and I had to make a Starbucks run. I also married someone younger than me...1.5 years younger though so I am 30 and he is just going to be turning 29 in a couple of months. It does make you feel old! I love your blog!
    Fun in ECSE