Thursday, May 16, 2013

5 days and counting :)

Wow! It has been a busy week in kindergarten! We are so close to the end, and they are very aware!! 5 days is it! My kiddos had a BLAST during field day, and I did too! It was organized very well this year and the weather was perfect! What more can you ask for?

As you all know, the last few days is just survival, right?? I'm trying to keep their schedule as "normal" as possible, but I'm pretty sure that I'm as anxious as they are for summer break to be here at this point! One way we're staying busy is working on their memory books. We are just doing a page at a time, but they are loving recalling all of the fun we had this year!

 I also JUST finished my Father's Day printables. I hope to work on them next week! They are perfect for my kids to show dad how very special he is! If you have not been there- please check out my TpT store!

Thanks! For those of you who aren't as close to the end as I am- at least tomorrow is Friday, and the weekend is near!!!

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