Thursday, May 30, 2013

School's out for summer!

It's here! Summer Break! Although I had a lot of sweet kiddos that I will miss, I am super excited to spend this summer with my now 10 month old baby- Amelia! So excited to take her swimming and to the park and just enjoy spending time with her. Although I would love to say it will be a relaxing summer, I'm sure it will be busy and in August I'll be wondering where it went... Stay tuned for new TPT products as well as my updated blog that I am so excited for! This picture is how I'm spending my first day of break...
Road trip to Rochester NY to visit my husband's fam... Currently about 5 hrs in to our 9 hour drive, and both our baby and dog have done so well! I, however, am ready to get out of the back seat!! 😉 If you are on summer break, I hope you are enjoying it- if you're still counting down, I hope it comes quickly for ya!! 

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