Thursday, September 5, 2013

Comparing Numbers in Kindergarten

This week we have been working on KCC6 (Comparing Numbers). We have been working on ordering and comparing numbers 1-5. I was excited to use my fall themed comparing numbers unit! Check it out at my store!

As I said, we are only focusing on numbers 1-5 to begin with, so my kiddos started with this:
I gave them a sentence strip, and had them cut these out, put them in the correct order, and glue them to the strip.

After that, we got out counters. Although there are pictures on the cards that coincide with each number, I find that it helps them visualize better if they are physically putting the counters with the number. So I would pick two numbers, and have them place the correct number of counters on the card.  I then would say "Put your hand on the number that shows more" or "Put your hand on the number that shows less" This was a simple way for me to quickly walk around and assess to see who understand and who doesn't!

Later I used these to really assess which students understand the idea and which do not. Since they were sitting close to people at their tables during the first activity, we got out our clip boards and spread out around the room. I didn't want anyone to be tempted to check out their friend's answers :)


Here they are with their clip boards spread out around my room and working hard!

(Obviously you still need to use a clip board even if you are at a table) :)

I hope you find this unit to be helpful in your class! Be sure to check out this unit at my store!

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