Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Currently!

I'm linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade to share what I'm up to! August is always a little bit crazy, so I'm happy that it's over and we're starting to get into a little bit of a routine!

It's pretty quiet after I put my little girl to sleep, so I hear the news in the background, and my dog Maddie eating her dinner. She refuses to eat until I'm sitting in the room with her.. silly dog :)

I'm happy that we're getting closer to fall! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE summer, but, after school starts, I don't need the hot summer days anymore... I love the cool weather of fall, and I love the clothes as well!

My goodness, from me being sick on Friday (and still not feeling quite 100%) and my daughter getting sick on Sunday, I'm just worn out! I do not feel like we had a long weekend at all.. Ready for bed early tonight, for sure!

I am over the sickness! I was so worried as many of my kids were getting this stomach bug and missing school last week. Although I honestly never get sick, I just had a bad feeling. Sure enough, Friday at 2am.. my turn! I had another kiddo get sick in my room today. You better believe that I am sanitizing as often as possible!

I'm excited to be an assistant coach for Girls on the Run this fall! I was a running buddy a few years ago, but this is the first year that I've helped coach! It's such a wonderful program, but I'm also thinking that this is the perfect thing to make me get back in shape!

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  1. I loooooove your blog design. It's so cute! I too would love to see the weather cool off. I'm in Arizona, so it is disgusting. It's pretty hard to walk around school with my kids out in the sun when it's so hot. It's back in the 100s here...but thankfully the monsoon humidity seems to have dissipated.


  2. I enjoyed reading your currently. I know what you mean about sickness to leave you classroom. I just wrote a post with a hand washing video attached. We have had some yucky viruses floating around our school. I hope everyone gets better in you class. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Found your blog through Farley's, can I just say I lurve your blog design, it is precious with the berries. Reminds of my Starwberry Shortcake obsession during my childhood :)

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