Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Relaxing Summer?

Is anyone out there having a "relaxing" start to their summer? Ha! I'm pretty sure my little girl wants to do anything BUT relax. She definitely keeps me on my toes, and I want to keep her involved in as many activities with other kids her age as I can. I love that I get to stay home with her this summer, but I am worried that since I don't have many friends with kids her age, she will have a difficult time adjusting when it's time for me to go back to school, and for her to go back to the babysitter. In an effort to avoid this, we checked out "Baby Time" at our local library today! The Boone County Library holds this event weekly so we decided to try it out!

During "Baby Time" we sang songs, read books, and just played and interacted with about 12 other babies who were right around Amelia's age. She LOVED it! We will definitely be checking it out again next week!

Since I'm sure I'm not the only parent who wants their kiddo to stay busy this summer, I decided that I really needed to finish the June and July calendar activities I had started. I know we are already into June, so feel free to skip or add these activities to another day. But hopefully this FREEBIE will help some kiddos stay busy and keep thinking about the things they learned in school this year. I created these thinking of my kinders going into first grade, but it could probably be used or adapted for students going into second grade. I hope it helps you out!!!


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