Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already! The weeks fly by when it's summer time! Here are my 5 fun things for the week..

1.Chevron Inspired Classroom
 I finished my Chevron Calendar pack! I really haven't made a drastic change in my classroom decor in a few years.. I seem to rearrange my furniture often, but I decided that this year I really want an update.. So here is the start.. I'm going chevron!  It is also the largest item I've created for Teachers Pay Teachers this far.. Check it out- I hope you like it! I plan to add other chevron inspired items to go along with them- so check back often!

2. My crazy dog Maddie
Last week I had a request from one of my sweet followers for a picture of Maddie.. So here ya go! Maddie is very tolerant of our 11 month old Amelia.. The other day I turned around to see this.. I'm not sure if Amelia was practicing "sharing" with Maddie, or just throwing the pieces of plastic egg at her.. either way, Maddie puts up with it! haha
As much as I love this dog... She definitely has her moments.. Her latest fascination is venturing under our deck, which is only high enough off the ground for her to squeeze under and only has one open side. She is driving me crazy with it. I have no idea what exactly is under it, and I probably don't really want to know.. But daily, this is what I have to deal with.. ick! .. Suggestions on how to keep her from going under?! geesh.. :)
3. First Teachers Pay Teachers Payment!
Today was very exciting for me. It was my first time to be paid by Teachers Pay Teachers!! It wasn't much, but it was enough to get me excited about this whole creating and selling thing. I have a lot to learn, but I'm enjoying it and apparently there are a few other people who like what I'm making too! It's nice to make a little extra money, but I'm excited to be helping other teachers as well! If you haven't checked out my store I hope you will become my newest follower on TpT! :)
4. My Owl
My owl? Did I get your attention? Yes, I have an owl. haha.. It's a fake owl that I'm hoping will scare the birds away who are currently using my deck as their own personal bathroom. I told you last week that I was trying to work on my "green thumb" with my flowers.. Well I have my flowers out, and my deck furniture, and it's starting to look like a nice place to relax... until you look around and see all of the bird poop! It's ridiculous! I spray it off, and it's covered by the next day. Blah! Well, my parents actuallly had the same problem a few years ago. They were told to sit plastic owls on their deck to scare the birds away- and it worked! So, I've borrowed one of their owls, yes, the other one still is sitting on their deck.. in an attempt to get rid of the bird poop! What do you think? He is kinda scary looking!

and check out those flowers in the background- 1 week later- still very alive :)

5. Blessed
Today was the perfect summer day. It was only around 80 degrees, there was a breeze, and my daughter was an angel at the pool. I came home, put Amelia down for her nap, and came outside on our deck, and saw this...

I'm very blessed to have a nice house, in a nice neighborhood and to be able to enjoy sweet summertime at home with my daughter :)
I hope your week has been wonderful, and you'll check out what other teachers have been up to this week!


  1. Okay--I love love love your blog look. It could not be cuter. I just started a TPT store too. I have made 30 cents :) so far. I am an Ohio blogger. So we may not be too far away from each other.
    Curious Firsties

    1. Thanks so much! I am told that TpT is very slow over the summer.. so hopefully we both see things pick up in the fall! Good luck!! I'm super close to Cincinnati..Close to you?

  2. This blog is ADORABLE!I am so glad to find you! I'm a new follower!

    1. Thanks so much!! Hopefully my blog is helpful, or at least interesting to read :) Thanks fo following!!