Saturday, August 10, 2013

Five for Friday (on Saturday)

Sorry I'm posting this a  day late... but I'm linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching to tell my five things for this week!

1. Our caring administration
We started back to school on Thursday of this week with a PD day and then Opening Day on Friday... Although it was filled with lots of information and meetings, our school really tries to make it fun- which is so nice, because it can be hard to think about summer being over, right?! So our school is having a "Duck Dynasty" theme this year... Although I've never seen the show, or am I a big fan of all of the camo that is all over, I do LOVE that everyone gets into it and we really look like a team! When we walked into our library on Thursday, it was decked out in all of the "Duck Dynasty" and camo that our curriculum specialist could find! She even made this adorable cupcakes for us to enjoy after lunch.. Sweet, right???

2. Calendar Stuff

I'm excited that my room is ready to go for my kinders next week! I also am excited to utilize some of the things I have created this summer, including my chevron calendar set, and my "all about a number" set...  You can check them out by clicking on the pictures!!

3. Learning Target Cards
I am excited to add these to my now chevron themed classroom and I hope they help me to stay on track with using my learning targets.. Check them out!!

4. Student of the Week set
I also am excited to use my student of the week set! I used to include this in my classroom, and my kids really loved it!!! I'm excited to start letting one of my kiddos share a little about themself and feel like the start that each of them really is! I plan to include info about myself for the first week of school!
5. My family
It is difficult to think about going back to work and not spending all day with my sweet girl... luckily for the first few days my pilot husband has been home, so that makes the transition a little bit easier before we head back to the babysitter's.... On my first day back, I got this picture... Daddy's first ponytail... :) I love my girl, and love that my husband loves me and tries to humor me with little things that make me happy- like attempting to fix Amelia's hair.. He did a pretty good job, right???
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  1. Your summer creations look great! I like your style :)