Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My picks for the E-Magazine

I hope you were able to check out the E-Magazine!! The items that I listed as "Must Haves" to start the year include my Dr. Jean CD's! I have about 6 and absolutely LOVE them all! My kinders always want to sing this silly songs... Whether it's a fun, just need to get out of our seats and move "Tooty Ta" or it's calendar time and we're singing "Macarena Months" we LOVE our Dr. Jean!!

My next pick was my classroom carpet... This is not mine, but it's similar. It has the alphabet along the  outside. From the first day of school, I assign my kinders a letter and that is their spot whenever we go to the carpet. I have seen some carpets that have the alphabet squares all over it, and that would be nice as far as them having a bigger square to sit on, but I really like that we sit in a circle on the carpet.

My final pick was my dry erase boards. I use them for SO many things! I start out by just using them to assess who can make letters or write their name. I use them for informal assessments through out the year. To help avoid them looking at their neighbor's board, I teach them to write their answer and "hide" it.. They then turn the board around and hold the answer towards their chest (without rubbing off the answer) :)
These can be found at Really Good Stuff
I hope this helps you to start your year off to a smooth start! Be sure to check out the other amazing teacher bloggers in the E-Magazing!!


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