Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hi, again!

Hi friends!
It has been SO long since I have written a blog! 😁 my apologies! I hope you are all enjoying your summer!! Here are a few things I have been up to:

This girl has been in our backyard in her little pool or at the neighborhood pool almost every day! She loves it... And so do I! :)

Vacation near Tampa Fl... My aunt lives there, so having a place to stay is wonderful! This was on Caladesi Island... My favorite place :)

My husband Henry and I had a little adventure around Washington Park and Over the Rhine in Cincinnati to celebrate our four year wedding anniversary! 

We celebrated Amelia's 2nd birthday- Minnie theme- her absolute favorite!

We also had to transition to a toddler bed! 😳 after she jumped out of her crib twice, I knew it was time! She has thankfully done great about staying in her bed when it's bedtime- thank goodness!!
This girl also is POTTY TRAINED!! My biggest accomplishment by far this summer! Here she is enjoying a potty prize :) want my advice? Go cold turkey no diapers... Clean the floor A LOT for a few days.. Reward each time the kiddo makes it to the potty, and TADA! Haha :) she does wear a diaper at night, but that's it... No pull-up AKA glorified diaper! 

I am a huge parrot head! Here we are with friends at the Jimmy Buffett concert!! 
Who knows who this is? It's my fun first team posing with Harry Wong, his wife Rosemary and their guest speaker!! Such a great workshop! If you have the chance to see him- do it!!!

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